Jeurgens Banket

Sponge Fingers 1/4 Cut

Jeurgens is a manufacturer of high quality Biscuit, Bakery and Meringue products which you will find in the Home Baking and Biscuit Categories at your local supermarket.

Aiming to be the most innovative large scale manufacturer in Biscuits, Bakery and Meringue and consider ourselves to be at the heart of these industries.

They cooperate closely with Customers and Business Partners in order to provide excellent quality, innovation and service.


In 1921 Karel Jeurgens started his own bakery in Aarle-Rixtel specializing in traditional biscuits and bakery products. In the following years the business grew and this small bakery grew into a modern factory due to the popularity of Sponge Fingers manufactured there.

Jeurgens is currently managed by the third generation of the family and is now an international manufacturer of a large range of biscuits and bakery products.

In addition to Sponge Fingers Jeurgens also specializes in other products such as Meringues, Eclairettes and Coconut Cakes as well as Biscuits and Crumb used as ingredients in cakes and desserts.

All of their products are produced in their own modern factories in Aarle-Rixtel and Beek en Donk. The products are distributed directly to retailers, business to business or wholesale traders. Additionally Jeurgens also has partnerships with large traders and distributors who sell our products all around the world.